Contents of Exceptions.ptxt (October 23, 2010)

... and its user version, Exceptions-U.ptxt.  Local variable "0" will dump or append its value to the global
"keyword" variable, "1" will do the same for the "flag" global.  Click on a subsection to expand or collapse it.
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|||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 1 MULTIPLE KEYWORDS |||||||||||||||||||||||||||

example (each keyword is followed by a dot) $SET(0=keyword1.keyword2.)

||||||||||||||||||||||||| 2 EXCLUDE (ALLOW, BYPASS) ||||||||||||||||||||||||


bypass all webfilters $SET(0=a_web.) bypass all but cache related header filters $SET(0=a_headers.) bypass cache related header filters $SET(0=i_cache:0.) allow animated gifs $SET(0=a_gifs.) allow "https:" in queries and posted data $SET(0=a_ssl_q.) don't use half-SSL (if default) $SET(0=i_ssl_h:0.) never alter page/link styles $SET(0=i_layout:2.) never use proxy $SET(0=i_proxy:0.) no proxy spoofing (if default is "spoof") $SET(0=i_spoof:0.) don't force filtering of images $SET(0=a_type_i.) don't force filtering of text $SET(0=a_type_t.) don't change content-type acc. to extension $SET(0=a_cont_typ.) don't display images/text/html inline $SET(0=a_type_d.) allow various code (add only trusted sites!) $SET(0=a_code.)


allow all ads $SET(0=a_ads.) allow ad keywords - HTML $SET(1=adkey_h:0.) allow ad keywords - JS $SET(1=adkey_j:0.) allow ad strings in stylesheets $SET(0=a_adcss.) allow ad dimensions $SET(1=addim:0.) allow ad URLs (header) $SET(1=adurl_h:0.) allow ad URLs (web) $SET(1=adurl:0.) allow ad hosts on current domain $SET(1=adhost:0.) allow ad paths on current domain $SET(1=adpath:0.) allow controversial host/domain/path names $SET(1=ban_1:0.) allow local banners (if default is "block") $SET(1=ban_2:0.) allow third party iframes $SET(0=i_iframe:0.) don't target image HREFs $SET(1=adhref:0.) don't remove but hide ad tags (i.e. Plan B) $SET(0=i_adtag:0.) don't hide ad tags (i.e. skip Plan B) $SET(0=i_adtag:2.)


allow comment-block ads I $SET(0=a_adcomm1.) allow comment-block ads II $SET(0=a_adcomm2.) allow floating layers $SET(0=a_float.) allow ad banners (linked) $SET(0=a_adban.) allow ad images (not linked) $SET(0=a_adimg.) allow all ad containers $SET(0=a_adcont.) allow ad containers - IDs $SET(0=a_adcont_i.) allow ad containers - headers $SET(0=a_adcont_h.) allow ad containers - sources $SET(0=a_adcont_s.) allow ad containers - links $SET(0=a_adcont_l.) allow all ad tables $SET(0=a_adtab.) allow ad tables - headers $SET(0=a_adtab_h.) allow ad tables - body $SET(0=a_adtab_b.) allow ad forms $SET(0=a_adform.)


allow all ad JavaScript $SET(0=a_adjs.) allow inline ad scripts $SET(0=a_adscr.) allow external ad scripts $SET(0=a_adjsex.) allow ad content in external scripts $SET(0=a_jscont.) allow tracking modules in external scripts $SET(0=a_jsmod.) allow ad scripts - noscript $SET(0=i_noscr:2.) allow ad scripts - noscript webbugs $SET(0=i_noscr:3.) allow ad functions I - names/params $SET(0=a_adfn1.) allow ad functions II - code $SET(0=a_adfn2.) allow DHTML chopped tags (e.g. '<i'+'mg') $SET(1=chop_b:0.) allow (off-domain) iframes in scripts $SET(1=iframe_b:0.)


allow all JavaScript $SET(0=a_js.) allow scripts (if default is "block") $SET(0=i_script:0.) allow named scripts ("script for=* event=*") $SET(0=a_namedjs.) allow popups $SET(0=i_popup_b:0.) allow scripts to resize windows $SET(1=size_b:0.) allow potentially harmful JS methods $SET(0=a_jsmeth.) allow frame loaders $SET(0=a_jsframe.) allow timers: setTimeout and setInterval $SET(0=i_timer:0.) allow timers: setTimeout only $SET(0=i_timer:2.) allow timers: setInterval only $SET(0=i_timer:3.) allow randomizers (if default is "block") $SET(0=a_random.) allow suspicious JS events $SET(0=a_event.) don't adjust JS Location $SET(0=i_loc_j:0.) bypass event-to-button filters $SET(0=i_button_b:0.) bypass JS Properties filters $SET(0=a_jsprop.) skip JS/VBS sniffer and related filters $SET(0=a_jssigns.)


allow all cookies $SET(0=a_cookie.) allow third party cookies $SET(0=a_cookie3p.) don't block cookies (if default) $SET(1=cookie_b:0.) don't make cookies session-only (if default) $SET(1=cookie_s:0.) don't filter cookies by content $SET(0=a_cookiecont.)


allow tracking script paths $SET(0=a_track_s.) allow all trackers $SET(0=a_track.) allow iframe trackers $SET(0=a_iftrack.) allow webbugs $SET(0=a_bug.) allow object bugs $SET(0=a_bug_o.)


allow all true redirects (header, meta, JS) $SET(0=a_redir.) allow meta redirects $SET(0=a_redir_m.) allow false image/CSS/JS redirects $SET(0=a_redir_f.) allow invisible frames and iframes $SET(0=a_invframe.) don't follow content-location (if default) $SET(0=a_cont_loc.)

2.9  LINKS

allow redirecting links $SET(0=a_rdlink.) allow JavaScript links $SET(0=a_jslink.) allow links to open in a new window $SET(0=a_target.) allow DOM modification of links $SET(1=dlink_b:0.) don't style links (visited, tracking, etc.) $SET(0=a_lstyle.) don't fix visited links (anti-CSS-exploit) $SET(0=a_lvisit.) don't dupe image "alt" to "title" $SET(0=a_ialt.)


allow embedded media $SET(0=a_embed.) allow Java applets $SET(0=a_java.) allow Flash $SET(0=a_flash.)

2.11 OTHER

don't fake browser info (headers & JS) $SET(0=i_ua:0.) don't fake browser info (JS only) $SET(0=i_ua:2.) don't fake referrer $SET(0=a_refer.) don't enhance error pages $SET(0=a_404.) don't modify document title $SET(0=a_title.) don't fix comments $SET(0=a_comm_f.) don't remove comments from inline JS/CSS $SET(0=a_comm_i.) don't print page info in the footer $SET(0=a_noprint.) don't add Proxomitron menu $SET(0=a_nomenu.) don't move pre-html/head code $SET(0=a_prepos.) don't insert our scripts in HTML snippets $SET(0=a_ajax.) allow unexpected pre-html/head/body code $SET(0=a_prehtml.) allow unexpected post-html code $SET(0=a_posthtml.) allow multiple <body> tags $SET(0=i_mbody:0.)

|||||||||||||||||| 3 INCLUDE (BLOCK, FAKE, SITE-SPECIFIC) ||||||||||||||||||


use minimal mode $SET(0=i_level:1.0.) use light mode $SET(0=i_level:2.0.) use standard mode $SET(0=i_level:3.0.) use advanced mode $SET(0=i_level:4.0.) + show info in small frames $SET(0=i_level:4.5.) use debug mode $SET(0=i_level:5.0.) use half-SSL $SET(0=i_ssl_h:2.) allow page/link style changes $SET(0=i_layout:0.) cache handling: always cache $SET(0=i_cache:2.) cache handling: cache all but html $SET(0=i_cache_h:2.) cache handling: always fresh $SET(0=i_fresh:2.) use default proxy $SET(0=i_proxy:2.) use specific proxy $SET(0=i_proxy:3.) $SETPROXY(myproxy) proxy spoofing: pretend US IP $SET(0=i_spoof:2.) block SSL connects $SET(0=b_ssl.)


block banners located on another domain $SET(1=ban_1:2.) block all banners, including local ones $SET(1=ban_2:2.) block DHTML chopped tags (e.g. '<i'+'mg') $SET(1=chop_b:2.) block iframes in scripts even if onsite $SET(1=iframe_b:2.) toggle iframes even if onsite $SET(0=i_iframe:2.) treat off-domain links like local links $SET(1=adurl_l:2.)


block scripts $SET(0=i_script:2.) block scripts with incorrect content-type $SET(1=cont_typ_b:2.) block popups silently even on link click $SET(0=i_popup_b:2.) tighten event-to-button filters $SET(0=i_button_b:2.) block DOM modification of links $SET(1=dlink_b:2.) block changes to document.domain $SET(0=b_domain.) block specific functions $SET(sUserFn=§MATCH1§MATCH2§) insert user script $SET(sUserJS=JS_CODE) append user script $SET(sUserJSB=JS_CODE)


block cookies $SET(1=cookie_b:2.) make cookies session-only $SET(1=cookie_s:2.) block cookies except those listed $SET(0=b_cookie.) $SET(sCookieA=*) block listed cookies $SET(0=b_cookie.) $SET(sCookieB=*) fake cookies $SET(0=f_cookie.) $SET(sCookieF=*)


remove referrer $SET(0=b_refer.) fake referrer $SET(0=f_refer.) $SET(sReferF=*) fake referrer if none: hostname $SET(0=f_refer_h.)


fake user-agent: Internet Explorer $SET(0=f_ua_ie.) fake user-agent: IE, if not IE or Mozilla $SET(0=f_ua_iemoz.) fake user-agent: Mozilla $SET(0=f_ua_moz.) fake user-agent: Mozilla, if not Moz or IE $SET(0=f_ua_mozie.) fake user-agent: Opera $SET(0=f_ua_op.) fake user-agent: Opera, if not Opera or IE $SET(0=f_ua_opie.) fake user-agent: Space Bison $SET(0=f_ua_sp.) fake user-agent: "Anything" $SET(0=f_ua_§Anything.) Googlebot: fake user-agent - remove referrer $SET(0=f_ua_gbot.)

3.7  OTHER

don't add charset in IE & Gecko if missing $SET(0=i_char:0.) block meta redirects $SET(0=b_redir_m.) remove meta transition screens $SET(0=s_delay.) remove all pre-html code $SET(0=s_prehtml.) remove all post-html code $SET(0=s_posthtml.) skip sensitive Proxomitron JS code $SET(0=s_proxjs.) verify ad lists with host files $SET(0=s_adhosts.) set site-specific flag (internal use only) $SET(0=s_flag.) set local.ptron flag (internal use only) $SET(0=s_ptron.) remove specific comment-blocks $SET(sComment=§<c begin§>c end) insert user stylesheet $SET(sUserCSS=CSS_NAME) style text/plain documents $SET(volat=.txt2html:2.) force specified content-type $SET(hRealCT=IncEx: cont/type)

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| MULTIPURPOSE |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


aliases: start with dot various redirects

4.2  OTHER

|||||||||||||||||||||||||| 5 ADDED BY PROXOMITRON ||||||||||||||||||||||||||