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These stand-alone filters should work with every config (but only with Proxomitron 4.5).  They are - in a little different form - already part of my set, so don't merge them there.  The zip archives consist of a MergeMe, required files, and a ReadMe with further details.  All filters are GPL'ed and may be freely used., filters that compare encountered ClassIDs with a list of malicious/nasty program IDs and block or remove those on match.

September 10, 2007:  Web filters updated. contains two filters:
Google: Multi URL Untangler, Google Search: Remove Ad Blocks.

February 13, 2009:  Both filters updated. contains a set of filters:
Yahoo: Auto Login, Yahoo: Clean up Site, Yahoo et al.: Multi URL Untangler, Yahoo Groups: Clean up Site, Yahoo Groups: MyGroups - Alternate Display, Yahoo Search: Clean up Site.

February 13, 2009:  All but Y!G filters adjusted to changed page code.  Untangler now also matches form action attributes.