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About_Keys.txt:  Key codes that can be used with Proxomitron's $KEYCHK() command.  By Mona.

FAQ.txt:  Frequently asked questions, general, config related, and technical.

Techniques.txt:  Uncommon techniques for Naoko 4.5.

Config related

Abbreviations.txt:  Abbreviations and key codes used in this config.

ChangeLog.txt:  ...chronically incomplete.

Config_Control.txt:  The directions for use.

Global_Vars.txt:  Global variables used in this config.

Exceptions.html:  Detailed overview of Exceptions.ptxt.

GPL.txt:  GNU General Public License, under which this config is distributed.

Page_Info.txt:  Informational elements inserted by the config.

Prox_Menu.txt:  Some hints regarding the Proxomitron menu.

Prox_on_Linux.txt:  How to run Proxomitron via Wine on Linux.

ReadMe.txt:  Information about this config and how to install it.

Optional Replacements & Additions

   ... for local.ptron.  To be copied to Proxomitron's "html" subdirectory (backup originals).

Errors.css:  Alternate "Connection Error" stylesheet.

favicon.ico:  Scott's program icon as favicon for local.ptron. - not uploadable to GeoCities. :-|

killed.html:  Modified version of JD's "Connection killed" replacement.  Accepts query strings now.

ViewSrc.css:  Alternate "Source View" stylesheet.

Other Files

bookmarklets.html:  List of bookmarklets that can be used with this config.

Prox-UE-Highlight.uew.txt:  Syntax highlighting file for use with UltraEdit.  Needs to be merged with wordfile.txt.  In version 15 and up you can simply rename the file to "*.uew" and copy it to "UltraEdit\Wordfiles\".

ProxExtensions.reg.txt:  Regfile that associates .ptron and .ptxt with notepad.  If you use another editor you'd need to edit it and adjust the path like:
@="D:\\Programs\\UltraEdit\\UEDIT32.EXE \"%1\""
Rename to "*.reg" after downloading and merge it with the registry (double-click on most systems).

ProxExtensions-Undo.reg.txt:  Merge this file with the registry if you want to undo above changes (rename to "*.reg" after downloading).