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Proxomitron Pages

Proxomitron.infoThe Proxomitron resource to go since Scott stopped supporting the program.  It has all you need to get started, including online copies of the official help files.  More is/was planned.  The authors apparently got a bit lazy as of late, but that what's already there is updated regularly. :-)

Ian MacPhedran's Proxomitron Site.  Ian has created a "Proxomitron museum" with archived copies of Scott's various web pages and with the collected program versions down to Naoko 2.  But you'll also find the last versions and up-to-date Prox news.

Michael Buerschgens' Proxomitron Site.  Michael maintains an exellent Proxomitron config.  The filter names are in German, Proxomitron's language is universal, however.

MizzMona's Proxomitron Page.  You'll find Mona's subroutine lists.  Filter authors, check them out, lots to learn there!  The page also features tips about handling Proxomitron and facts about its inner working.  And - of course - graphics.  New: An alternative GUI patch. is a new site, run by phoenix (aka whenever), offering patches which modify Proxomitron's behavior.  Also explains what each patch does, how it was done, and how you can do it yourself.

Where to discuss

Prox-List at Yahoo! Groups, formerly hosted by EGroups, is where the Proxomitron community was born.  It used to be the best place for discussions about filter writing and Proxomitron's matching language, but this attribute apparently got lost lately.  Let's hope it will come back!

The Un-Official Proxomitron Forum, run by Kye-U.  It has accessibility issues sometimes, but is - if up and stable - a great place to talk about Prox and other things.  Nice people there, too. :-)