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SSL DLLs version 0.9.8 (updated October 1, 2006).  They work like a plugin for Proxomitron, enabling it to decrypt and filter secure pages if you enable "Use SSLeay/OpenSSL" in the preferences.  The original OpenSSL sources have been patched to be compatible with Naoko 4.5.  The zip file contains three DLLs and the modified sources.  Copy "libeay32.dll" and "ssleay32.dll" either to the directory where "Proxomitron.exe" resides or to your system's search path.  You only need to copy over "msvcr70.dll" as well, if you don't have it on your path already.

A ReadMe is now included as well, which hopefully answers your questions regarding these DLLs.  You can find the last natively compatible 0.9.6m SSL DLLs here.

Certificate, contains the key used by Proxomitron to re-encrypt incoming secure pages after filtering, and is needed to let the browser decrypt them again.  It was created September 16, 2010, and needs to be renewed once a year.  Extract and copy "proxcert.pem" to Proxomitron's directory, and import the certificate to your browser's database once you get asked.

Roll-Your-Own-ProxCert, a package with files needed to make a Proxomitron certificate, and scripts to automate this procedure.  See the ReadMe for details.

Database of certificate authorities which Proxomitron should trust.  It was extracted from the Internet Explorer 6 registry after merging a regular root certificate update (January 9, 2007).  Extract and copy "certs.pem" to Proxomitron's directory.