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Config version 2010-10-23 -- Change log
Please read the ReadMe first, it also contains the installation hints.

Updates (June 6, 2009) -- Updates change log
Extract into Proxomitron's home directory, preserving the zip's directory structure.  No files that don't belong to this config set will be overwritten.  This is not the complete config.

Make sure to back up sidki_xxxx-xx-xx.ptron beforehand, if you've added any filters.  That way you can merge them after updating.  IncludeExclude-U.ptxt is another good candidate for a backup.

Work In Progress filters (September 3, 2007) -- How to install
These versions contain the latest bugfixes and improvements, but are barely tested.

Beta config 2010-09-19 -- Beta notes
You know the story, may toast your hard drive, but may contain a few nice new features as well. ;-)  (Above updates and WIP filters don't apply.)