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October 24, 2010:
I am discontinuing work on Proxomitron now.  However, there is an extensive documentation for developers.  If someone seriously wishes to continue with config development, just get in contact with JJoe (you'd know how), who has a copy of the documents and further information.

October 23, 2010:
A new config version is out (change log).

September 19, 2010:
A beta version of the next config release is out (beta notes).

September 26, 2009:
Geocities will shut down in one month.  The main location of these pages is now at  There is a mirror at  Proxomitron certificate updated by JJoe.

June 6, 2009:
There's an update for the current config version in the download section.  There's also an "alpha 2" preview of the next config version, discussed here.

April 11, 2009:
"Body Event Popups" and "Event Listener Popups" added to Testcases section.

February 15, 2009:
Config: 5 PM GMT silent update, adding a missing closing paren to a list entry (thanks 43unite :-) -- Hotfix.

February 13, 2009:
A new config version is out (change log).  Stand-alone Google and Yahoo filtersets updated.

January 14, 2009:
After a hopefully not too long break -- sidki-config beta 2 is out (beta notes).  Proxomitron certificate updated, this time taken from P.I (thanks guys/gals :-).  Links cleaned up.  I'm thinking about adding a PayPal button to my Proxomitron frontpage -- at GeoCities and -- your thoughts are welcome (email address on frontpage).

January 2, 2008:
I've uploaded a beta version of the next config release (beta notes).  Happy New Year!

November 30/December 1, 2007:
Links and FAQ updated.

October 9, 2007:
Proxomitron's SSL certificate renewed.

September 9/10, 2007:
A new config version is out (change log).  It also fixes a vulnerability in previous versions.  Thanks Charles Reis et al for disclosing it.  All stand-alone filtersets updated.

September 3, 2007:
I've revived the WIP filters file on the download page.  If anyone is having issues with the current config, even after installing the update, you may want to merge it.  Relevant changes are listed here.

June 27, 2007:
GeoCities has been inaccessible for 17 hours the other day.  So, now all downloads are located on a mirror with excellent bandwidth conditions.  Thanks whenever for providing it! :-)

June 24, 2007:
The first update for the 6/2 config is out (changes).

June 2/3, 2007:
After all these betas... a new config release is ready (change log).  Screenshots on the "Config Control" page and online documents replaced accordingly.  Stand-alone filters page: "Site-Specific" filter pack dropped, all others updated.  FAQ updated as well.

May 27, 2007:
Beta 4 of the next config is up.  You were expecting a release at some point, right? ;-)

March 8, 2007:
Beta 3 of the next config is up.

February 19, 2007:
Microsoft January 9th CA database converted and uploaded (SSL section).  Turned out - again - that it didn't contain any SSL relevant updates, but it may still help those keeping an eye on being up-to-date. ;-)

February 4, 2007:
Beta 2 had a high visibility bug, appearing on Google's Spanish/Indian/Dutch/... frontpages.  Fix is here.

February 3, 2007:
Beta 2 of the next config is up.

January 14, 2007:
I've got a beta version of the next config release ready! :-)  You'll find it in the Download section (beta notes).  FAQ updated as well.  For now all downloads are linked locally again.  I hope that's ok, except for times when some socially attentive person is WGet'ing the entire site. ;-)  In that case just try again an hour later.

October 24, 2006:
Proxomitron's SSL certificate renewed.

October 15, 2006:
The next config update is out.

October 1, 2006:
A revised version of OpenSSL 0.9.8 is on the SSL page.  See the SSL ReadMe for details.  You'll find there the converted Microsoft September 7th CA database update as well (although i couldn't find any Prox relevant changes since the last update).  FAQ updated and "I get constant warnings about security certificates" added.

September 12, 2006:
The first update for the 9/3 config is ready (changes), as well as revised online copies of ReadMe.txt and Config_Control.txt.

September 6, 2006:
Stand-alone Google/Yahoo/Site-Specific filtersets updated (WIP filters file too).

September 3/4, 2006:
The next version of my config is out (change log).  Screenshots for "Config Control" and online documents replaced accordingly.

August 24, 2006:
On the way back.  Figured at some point that i really had to focus on the next config in order to get it ready within reasonable time (will drop this note on the forum later).  Ian's link updated.  New site favicon by Mona.  And no, i can neither patch OpenSSL 0.9.8b, nor convert all recently surfacing IE7 compliant Flash code to toggles (but a good part of it ;-).

March 8, 2006:
Stand-alone Google/Yahoo/Site-Specific filters synchronized with those of the new config version.

March 5/6, 2006:
Finally, a new config version! :-)  Images on "Config Control" page and various documents replaced accordingly.

February 12, 2006:
SSL Files page:  Microsoft January 13th CA database converted to "certs.pem", tested, and uploaded.

January 29, 2006:
Google and Yahoo stand-alone filtersets updated.

January 9/10, 2006:
Beta 3 of the next config is up.  The next update for the current config is up.

January 5, 2006:
These pages are cut off by GeoCities quite often lately because of the hourly bandwidth limit.  There's a mirror now, thanks Mona for the server space. :-)  And there's a new file in the SSL section, "Roll-Your-Own-ProxCert".  Fixed Unicode testcase.

November 27, 2005:
Update for current config and beta 2 of next config uploaded.  FAQ extended.

November 26, 2005:
Proxomitron's SSL certificate renewed.

October 19, 2005:
A beta version of the next config release is in the Download section (beta notes).

October 16, 2005:
The next config update is out.

October 3/4, 2005:
Config and Google/Yahoo filtersets updated.  (Yep, a bit early. ;-) Toggler adjusted in Site-Specific set.

September 26, 2005:
Config and Google/Site-Specific filtersets updated.

September 8, 2005:
Config and stand-alone filtersets updated.

August 19, 2005:
A rather large update for my config, including a few critical fixes.

August 7, 2005:
Google/Site-Specific/Yahoo stand-alone filtersets updated.

August 5, 2005:
The next maintenance update for my config set is out.

July 26, 2005:
"Work In Progress filters" added to the Config Download page.

July 20, 2005:
There are updates to my config, and to the Google/Site-Specific/Yahoo stand-alone filtersets.

July 9, 2005:
I've uploaded a config update - mostly dealing with bugfixes, and a revision of the stand-alone Yahoo filterset.

July 6, 2005:
SSL Files page:  OpenSSL 0.9.8 final is out. :-)  Obsolete 0.9.7 DLLs removed.

June 26, 2005:
There's a config update on the download page, some of the changes are major.

June 21, 2005:
SSL Files page:  OpenSSL 0.9.8 beta 6 patched, compiled, tested, uploaded.

June 19, 2005:
Links page:  Kye-U's board fixed to reflect its new/temporary IP address alias, CastleCops Proxomitron forums added, some descriptions updated.

June 18, 2005:
You can find another update on the "Config Download" page.  New "Config Control" page, showing some ways to adjust my config.

June 15, 2005: and added to "Filters".  SSL Files section updated, inclusive of the - yay! - patchable 0.9.8 beta 5 DLLs.

June 14, 2005:
New "Filters" section, containing some filters that can be used with other configs.

June 13, 2005:
There's a config update on the download page.  The filter MergeMe is gone for good, it was too much work to maintain it.  Instead, the updated config file is part of the zip archive.

June 9, 2005:
The next version of my config is out (change log), finally!  Note that the format of a number of lists has changed, so that filters written for the previous version may not work with this one (and vice versa, which is why there haven't been any interim updates the last two months).

May 31, 2005:
Just a quick note that a new config release is on the way.  Beta 3 is currently under test.  Please use it only if you'd like to help squashing bugs, as there are probably still quite a few of them.  You can reach me here.

April 2, 2005:
A new version of my config is out (change log), focussing on under-the-hood changes this time.  I've also updated the Online FAQ (General -> Q6/Q7).

March 17, 2005:
Another config update, mainly triggered by the new Google Maps (check it out!) and changes at Google Search/News and Yahoo Mail.

March 13, 2005:
New document - Prox_Menu.txt - Work in Progress, two questions added to Online FAQ, and a rather large update for the config set.  In case of difficulties with the merging procedure, please have a look at the revised How to install hints.

March 4, 2005:
You can find some updates on the "Config Download" page (updates change log).  The converted Microsoft February 11th CA database update is in the SSL section (hardly anything new).

February 25, 2005:
A new version of my config is out (change log).  Documents were updated accordingly.  Thanks JJoe and ProxRocks/ProxFox for all the help!

January 8, 2005:
CSS hacks to let Netscape 4.x render these pages correctly.  Added "Other updates" to Config Download.  New "Uncommon syntax" testcase, the only page with intended ads here btw. ;-)

January 6, 2005:
New "GUI Variations" page with the Prox interface modifications and the skin that i use.  Online FAQ updated.

January 4, 2005:
I've linked a separate config download page that also contains recent updates.  Layout changed (again).

January 1, 2005:
Online FAQ updated, unicode page testcase added.  Happy New Year!

December 31, 2004:
I've added a links section and this news page.  The page layout is different now to accommodate for that.  The documents page got an overhaul.

December 28, 2004:
A new version of my config is out (change log).  Two people never grew tired of helping with it:  Mizz "goldmine of ideas" Mona and Mr. "beta tester of the year" ProxRocks/ProxFox -- Thanks!

December 27, 2004:
I finally got around to fill these pages with some content!